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Hitched joint checking and savings accounts make it easy to save. Maximize your commitment with Round-Up Match[1] funds and interest rates 14x higher than the national average[2] on your savings.

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Get Hitched and You and Your Partner Will Have:

Hitched Digital-First Checking and Savings Accounts

Digital-First Joint Checking & Savings Accounts

Hitched Savings folders and ways to save

Savings Folders & 3 Ways to Save

Hitched Rewards that help you meet your goals

Rewards that Help You Meet Your Goals

Build a better financial future, together. Here’s how.

Have THE money talk.

Did you know 40% of couples don’t talk about finances before they’re engaged? Plan a date night in with your partner and break down your budget. That means being honest about how much you make, how much you owe, and what financial issues you’ve had in the past.

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Sign up for a joint Hitched account.

Whether you decide to go all-in or each contribute a set amount to your shared account, Hitched is set up to make it easy to manage your money together.[4]

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Set your own couple goals.

Whether paying down debt or setting aside money for a new home – it’s easy to put your saving goals on autopilot with three ways to save. Hitched even helps you hit your milestones with Round-Up Match.[3]

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Get joined at the app

When you and your partner get a Hitched account, it’s easy to stay on the same page with financial transparency at a glance.

  • Set goals
  • Save a little every day
  • Swipe more, earn more[3]
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