As a digital bank, Hitched provides joint checking and savings accounts, plus tools designed for couples with all the security and protection you’d expect from a financial partner - all accessible through our mobile app. Hitched is backed by long-standing, federally insured, Iroquois Federal Savings and Loan Association, Member FDIC.

Hitched is insured up to the standard maximum deposit insurance amount up to $250,000 through Iroquois Federal Savings and Loan Association, Member FDIC.

Hitched believes that banking with your partner is better when you do it together. While products and services are developed to serve the needs of couples new to combining their finances, anyone can join Hitched. If the banking concepts included in Hitched speak to you, apply today.

To open an account, you must be at least 18 years of age, and have a social security number and a valid state-issued ID. The minimum deposit required for each account opened is $100.

Your social security number is needed to verify your identity.

You can access your account through the online banking portal or from the Hitched Money mobile app.

Your username is the email address used to open this account.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. Search for Hitched Money or click on the links below to install the app today.

Download on the iOS App StoreGet it on Google Play

There are two ways to fund your account. 1) From your account dashboard, go to Pay & Transfer. Select Transfer Money to deposit money into your Hitched account. 2) Download the mobile app to Deposit a Check via mobile deposit.

Please be aware that in some scenarios, it may take 2-5 business days for funds being transferred from external accounts to arrive in your Hitched savings account.

There are two ways to withdraw money from your Hitched Our Savings account. You can transfer money to an established bank account or you may request a check by giving us a ring at +1 (833) 682-3847.

Your account number is available through the settings page which is found in the right-hand menu on your app. The routing number for Hitched is 071174570.

You will see two small deposits and a withdrawal being made in your linked bank account within 2 business days of linking your account with Hitched. This helps us verify your ownership of the account before we allow deposits or transfers to be made.

Your Hitched card may be used everywhere MasterCard® Cards are accepted.

We are members of the Allpoint, STAR® and Cirrus® Networks allowing 24-hour access to cash at more than 55,000 ATM locations nationwide. You may also use any ATM that has the MasterCard logo.

To report lost or stolen cards, or any suspicous activites, call +1 (833) 682-3847. A representative will assist you in blocking your card and keep further charges from being applied to your account. You may also block your card immediately via the online banking or the Hitched Money app until you able to reqest a replacement card.

Select Round Up as a way to save toward one of your goals in your Our Savings account. Use your Hitched debit card for everyday purchases connected to your Our Checking account. Hitched will round up your transaction to the nearest dollar and deposit the extra into your Our Savings account.

For any customer who selects Round Up as a way to save, Hitched automatically rounds up debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and transfers that amount from your spending account into your savings account and goal.

For the first 90 days after account opening, Hitched will match 100% of round-ups, up to $100.00 and deposit it into your savings the first business day following 90 days after account opening. After 90 days, Hitched will match 25% of round-ups, up to $20.00 per 30-day period, which is deposited in your savings account on the first business day of the following month.

If you turn off Round Up as a way to save, you will no longer receive Round-Up Match funds.

The match credit is tax reportable, but should not be reported as interest.