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Survey: Modern Couples are Confident Discussing Joint Finances, Once Trust is Built

Survey: Modern Couples are Confident Discussing Joint Finances, Once Trust is Built

Starting out as a new couple is amazing, exciting, and challenging—all at once! As your relationship progresses, moving from being financially independent to thinking, planning, and growing together requires a significant mind shift.

Having the “joint finances” conversation is a major relationship milestone. According to a 2022 Hitched Survey, a ring is not a requirement for couples to discuss joint finances, with 60% having the conversation prior to marriage. Hitched is a digital bank providing joint checking and money management tools to help couples connect their finances and develop healthy spending and saving habits.

There is no right or wrong time for modern couples to talk about blending finances—whatever works best for you and your significant other.

Key Takeaways


have talked with their partner about combining finances.


have positive feelings about discussing finances with their partner.


say it would be easier to express dislike for their significant other’s best friend or family member than to admit they have $10,000 in credit card debt.


of the time, one partner is more in charge of money matters in the relationship.

First Comes Trust, Then Comes Money Talk

A vast majority of couples (88%) have talked about combining finances with their significant other. But couples build trust first, with only 24% of couples having the conversation early in their relationship.

Starting a conversation about shared finances is a big step toward a healthy financial future. Hitched helps make this step easier and more organized, with digital banking services to help begin the conversation on solid ground. We guide you in the ins and outs of a sound financial plan, including budgets, savings, paying bills, and more. For example, you can get your budget aligned with our easy-to-use budget calculator.

Confidence is Soaring—So, Let’s Chat!

Once enough trust has been built in the relationship, 89% of people experience positive feelings about talking to their significant other about combining finances. And 64% feel confident starting the conversation.

We help you take that initial conversation further to connect your finances and create shared attainable goals. Develop healthy spending and consistent saving habits you both agree on. Set milestones to gauge progress. Hitched will even contribute to your shared goals. Turn on our Round-Up feature — where you match debit transactions to the nearest dollar and deposit the extra into your savings — and Hitched will match your savings up to $100 in the first 90 days. Learn more about the Round-Up Match here.[3]

Certain Conversations Remain Uncomfortable

Most people (88%) would rather discuss personal finances than past romantic partners with their significant others. But talking about credit card debt is another story. Over half (53%) say it would be easier to express dislike for their significant other’s best friend or family member than to admit they have $10,000 in credit card debt.

It’s no secret that financial stress can be one of the biggest conflicts in a relationship. Some conversations will be difficult, but they are worth it. The first step to financial healing is revealing and recognizing your financial baggage.

One Person Doesn’t Usually Rule the Wallet

In just over half of couples, one partner tends to manage more relationship money matters. But 42% of couples equally share the responsibility of handling their finances. Only 3% of couples do not share finances in any capacity.

Even if one person takes the lead handling the finances, Hitched offers tech tools and solutions to help you both remain in the know and involved. By getting “joined at the app” with a Hitched account, you can keep your finances transparent and easy to monitor, at a glance.

Build the Foundation to a Shared Financial Future

You work hard for your money. Whether you are just starting to talk about sharing finances or already have joint accounts, you’ll continue to face tricky financial conversations and situations.

Getting—and staying—on the same page with your partner on how to spend and save paves the way for you both to meet your financial goals. And those insights allow you to establish a caring financial partnership with your significant other.

Talk money to me. Find out how Hitched can help you and your partner build a better financial future—together.

Survey Methodology:

The Hitched Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 500 US adults in relationships, between February 9th and February 16th, 2022, via email invitation and an online survey. Data was weighted to ensure an accurate representation of adults in relationships ages 18+.